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Gaggia Accademia Review for 2017

Every now and then you get the hankering for a cup of espresso that will be so flavorful and smooth that you forget you’re not sitting cafe-side in Italy. Or it’s Monday and you need something with

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Jura Impressa F8 Review for 2017

What do a tennis ball and a Jura espresso machine have in common? Not much, except that they’ve both been touched by the hands of tennis star Roger Federer. If you like the way he plays tennis, then

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Gaggia Brera Review for 2017

The Brera from Gaggia is one of their higher-end models for beginners, designed to deliver classic Italian espresso with automated convenience. Compact, futuristic, and simple to operate, the Brera has

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Jura A9 IMPRESSA Review for 2017

The Jura A9 IMPRESSA doesn’t even look like an espresso machine. It looks more like a beautiful, modern piece of kitchen art- literally the perfect combination of form and function. Using it is also

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Capresso EC Pro Espresso & Cappuccino Machine | Commercial-grade Coffeemaker that Provides More

As coffee aficionados are becoming increasingly discerning in purchasing coffeemakers, more and more commercial-grade coffeemakers are being made available by the companies aiming to enable coffee lovers

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VillaWare Espresso Maker | Plain Looking Espresso Maker is Surprisingly Innovative

  It goes without saying that household devices should be aesthetically pleasing. You wouldn’t buy, say, a weird looking espresso maker, would you? Apart from function effectively, household devices

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Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine | Unassuming Coffeemaker Comes With Remarkably Innovative Features

  The Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine may not look like a modern-day espresso machine at first glance. Indeed, some of us here have described it as an “old radio,” “lunchbox,” and “futuristic

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Lello 1375 Ariete Cafe Prestige Coffeemaker | Affordable Luxury

  High-end almost always meant high price in the coffeemaker market until now. Thanks to the upmarket yet reasonably priced coffeemakers currently available therein, like the Lello coffeemakers,

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Waring Pro ES1500 Professional Espresso Maker | Café-Quality Coffee from a Surprisingly Convenient Source

Those large complicated-looking coffeemakers usually seen at cafés are wonderful but they aren’t ideal for use at home. Unless you plan to sell coffee yourself, having such a coffeemaker is excessive.

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Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso Machine | Conversation Piece of an Appliance Proves Surprisingly Effective

It’s, more or less, only four years now before 2019. This was the year in which the science-fictional film Blade Runner was set. Here Los Angeles was made unrecognizable. It was transformed into a city

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