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The Ultimate Nespresso Capsule Guide

Time for some real talk, espresso lovers: Raise you hand if… when you first opened the sleek, uber cool looking capsule starter pack that came with your Nespresso, you felt totally baffled trying

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Arabica vs. Robusta Coffee Beans | 5 Key Differences

When it comes to the casual coffee sipper, the first instinct is to focus on caffeine content, not necessarily the bean varietal. Why obsess over flavor nuance and origin at the expense of caffeination?

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Keurig K70 vs. Keurig K75, What’s Best for you?

We’ve all had those mornings. Your alarm didn’t go off and you overslept; your kid spilled his orange juice all over the floor and then painted his magnum opus with it on the cabinets; the shirt you

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Gaggia Accademia Review for 2020

Every now and then you get the hankering for a cup of espresso that will be so flavorful and smooth that you forget you’re not sitting cafe-side in Italy. Or it’s Monday and you need something with

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Jura Impressa F8 Review for 2020

What do a tennis ball and a Jura espresso machine have in common? Not much, except that they’ve both been touched by the hands of tennis star Roger Federer. If you like the way he plays tennis, then

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Gaggia Brera Review for 2020

The Brera from Gaggia is one of their higher-end models for beginners, designed to deliver classic Italian espresso with automated convenience. Compact, futuristic, and simple to operate, the Brera has

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Jura A9 IMPRESSA Review for 2020

The Jura A9 IMPRESSA doesn’t even look like an espresso machine. It looks more like a beautiful, modern piece of kitchen art- literally the perfect combination of form and function. Using it is also

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Jura ENA Micro 1 vs. Jura ENA Micro 9, What’s Best for you?

Ready to transition from the coffee shop to a home set up? Not interested in devoting half your counterspace and a ton of time to a giant machine that requires a lot of espresso expertise? Enter the Jura

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Jura Giga 5 vs. Jura Z9 Impressa, What’s Best for you?

Nothing is easier than a super-automatic machine. Take that a step further and buy a Jura, and when it comes to espresso, nothing could be easier or better executed. Jura is a Swiss brand known for making

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Jura Ena Micro 5 vs. Jura Ena Micro 9, What’s Best for you?

Jura espresso machines are sort of like the black Am Ex of home coffee machines. Just owning one gives you access to an elite club of espresso lovers seeking the best automatic experience for the home.

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