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Best Built-in Espresso Machine | Buyer’s Guide

Best built-in espresso machines

For serious coffee lovers considering a remodel of their kitchen or who have a suitable cabinet vacancy available, a built-in espresso coffee machine might just be a necessary lifestyle addition.

Built-in espresso machines aren’t as prevalent on the market as the compact countertop versions, but with some research we have found the three best built-ins for the home kitchen.


The Final Shot: The Bosch Automatic Coffee Machine is the top pick in this range. The built-in espresso machine prepares your coffee fast and just the way you want it.

I like to think of built-in espresso machines as the indoor equivalent of a built-in backyard grill. They should flow seamlessly with your existing kitchen design, offer top features and be as convenient as your other standard appliances, like the oven or microwave.

All of the options we selected are high-end models, and they come equipped with all the fully automatic bells and whistles you could dream up. Most have smart programming so they respond automatically to your every preference.

I do recommend seeking the guidance of your kitchen designer prior to any building or renovations as these machines all have cabinet specifications and possible ventilation requirements.

Top Built-in Espresso Machine

  • Smeg CMSU6451X 24
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  • AutomaticMachine Type
  • Bosch BCM8450UC 24 Inch Wide Built-In Automatic Coffee Machine with Home Connect
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  • Thermador BICM24CS 24
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#1 Choice – Bosch BCM8450UC Built-In Automatic Coffee Machine

If the desire for coffee is always simmering just beneath the surface of your consciousness and when you need one, you need it “now” (this is 100% me), then this machine is a great choice.

The Bosch is FAST. And the most tech-savvy espresso machine we’ve ever seen.

Within minutes it will prepare your preferred style of coffee, customized to your liking AND the “Home Connect App” allows you to have your beverage prepared from anywhere in your home. How is that for service?

The easy to use digital display allows for fully programmable operation, which means you can personalize your drink to select from two different bean varieties stored in the machine (including pre-ground beans), the coarseness of the grind, and the amount in each shot.

The smart display can also be programmed to remember up to 8 of your favorite coffee styles – selectable by a simple button push.

The Bosch includes a grind setting for a dark or light coffee with two freshness sealed hoppers for your favorite beans. Most users keep decaf in the second so it’s always on hand and ready.

This machine also offers a “Aroma Pro” system, which is designed to provide constant pressure for the ultimate amount of flavor and aroma from the ground beans by completely engulfing each granule with pressurized water as part of the extraction process.

The adjustable dispenser allows you to adjust your cup sizes, which is great if you love taking a latte to go in a travel mug before work. You can skip fiddling around making espresso in a small cup and then transferring it to a thermos before heading out the door.

There is also an efficient steam wand with aerating nozzle for those extra smooth cappuccinos or lattes. If tea is more your thing, the Bosch also comes equipped with a hot water dispenser.

Not only does the Bosch BCM8450UC Built-In Automatic Coffee Machine look great integrated into cabinet space, saving counter space for demonstrating your chef skills, it works quietly in the background, providing you and your guests with their favorite coffee styles.


Bosch BCM8450UC 24 Inch Wide Built-In Automatic Coffee Machine Hot Features:
  • Automatic System for Cleaning, Milk Steam Rinsing and Descaling
  • OneTouch DoubleCup Dispenses Two Beverages at the same Time
  • Home Connect App Allows You to Prepare Coffee from Anywhere in the Home.
  • Integrated Built-in Sensors will Alert You when Coffee Beans and Water are Running Low
  • AromaDouble Shot Prepares Extra-Strong Coffee with Less Bitterness
  • IndividualCup Volume Allows You to Adjust Your Coffee Cup Size
  • MyFavorites Stores up to 8 of Your Favorite Coffee Preferences.
  • 1 Lb. (500g) Bean Container
  • 84.5 oz. (2.4L) Water Reservoir
  • Stainless Steel Insulated 17 oz. (.5L) Milk Container

#2 Choice – Smeg CMSU6451X 24 Review

The Smeg is the second of my picks for built-in automatic coffee machines.

It has slightly smaller dimensions, but offers no less choice in functions, which include single or double shot coffees in a range of styles, from espresso to cappuccino. For the latter, there is a swivel steam wand to froth and steam milk.

One special feature is the ability for the Smeg to make two coffees at once. This is a great feature for any large family getting ready for the day at the same time.

The roasted bean hopper holds just over 200g and is easily topped up with freshly roasted beans that are ground on demand for each cup to ensure maximum flavor. There is a separate hopper for ground beans if you want to have decaf available for evening coffees.

On the technical side, the water pump has commercial level 15-Bar capacity which is more than enough for espresso function and the removable water container holds 1.8L water.

The LCD screen makes for simple operation and displays in multiple languages. It is programmable for various time functions, so the espresso is ready when you are.

An automatic energy saving standby is available should you have to rush out the door without powering off.

It also automatically self purges after extraction and steaming and the drip tray is easily removed for emptying once full.

The Smeg is sleek and classic looking and will integrate easily into any modern kitchen. The outer casing is fingerprint proof stainless steel, requiring minimal maintenance. The knobs are all backlit for easily visible operation as well.


Smeg CMSU6451X 24″ Hot Features:
  • Multi-language LCD display
  • 15 x 23.4 x 17.9 inches
  • 220 gr coffee beans container
  • Adjustable coffee grinder
  • Ground coffee option with removable container
  • Removable water tank
  • Adjustable coffee strength and volume
  • 3 levels coffee temperature
  • Makes two cups at the same time
  • Steam function with frothing nozzle
  • Hot water dispenser
  • Backlit knobs, 2 x lights
  • Programmable automatic switch off
  • Automatic energy saving stand-by
  • Automatic rinsing
  • 15 bar pump pressure
  • 1.80 l water tank:

#3 Choice – Thermador BICM24CS 24 Review

The Thermador is a fully automatic built-in espresso coffee maker manufactured to the highest standard, using professional quality materials.

Its stylish innovative design is finished in brushed stainless steel for durability and easy cleaning.

Fitting one of these into your kitchen is a lot like having a barista always on hand to deliver an espresso any time of day or night, and is called “the ultimate culinary indulgence.”

The easy to read LCD display and control panel gives a ton of information for each optional setting. It can be programmed with drink preference settings for a customized experience.

The bean hopper holds up to 14 ounces of beans, ready to be ground to your preference with six settings by the stainless steel burr grinder.

The actual portions of the grounds can also be selected according the size of cup you use, as well as the strength you like best, for up to twelve variations.

As an extra option there is a separate hopper for pre-ground beans so you can easily opt for a decaf style when you don’t need the caffeine.

The Thermador also has a unique Savor Swirl system for tailor made coffees and maximum flavor, by fully.engulfing each coffee granule during extraction.

The removable water reservoir holds 1.9 quarts of water and features a built-in filter that can be adjusted to optimize for varying levels of water hardness.

The steam wand is also designed to either deliver hot water or steam and froth your cold milk to perfection for lattes or cappuccinos at the turn of a dial.


Thermador BICM24CS 24 Hot Features:
  •  14 (400g) ounces bean container
  • Second container for ground coffee
  • Removable water tank for 1.9 quarts (1.8 liter)
  • Multilingual digital display
  • One touch operation
  • Rotary function selection knobs
  • Quality steel bean grinder
  • 215 psi (15 bar) thermo block-pump pressure system
  • SavorSwirl brewing system
  • 6 x cup volumes
  • Adjustable amount of coffee per cup
  • Height adjustable coffee dispenser
  • Steam and hot water wand
  • Automatic descaling and cleaning program
  • Fully automatic rinse program at turn-on and turn-off
  • Stand-by function: start time, time of day and switch-off time can be programmed
  • Accessories include measuring spoon, water filter, 2 cleaning tablets
  • Width: 23.375″ Height: 18.0625″ Depth: 21.5″

An automatic built-in coffee making system is the ultimate in kitchen upgrades and a true joy for any serious coffee aficionado. I don’t have one yet, but it’s 100% on my bucket list. I hope this article helps you get started on finding yours.


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