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Best Coffee Machine for the Office | Buyer’s Guide for 2021

best coffee maker for the office

In an office setting, a coffee machine is just one of those must have basics, like staplers and stacks of post-its.

The best office coffee maker is easy to use will make sure everyone in the office can have their daily fix of caffeine, without the time suck and expense of a daily pilgrimage to Starbucks.

The best coffee machine for the office should be user-friendly, brew high-quality coffee and able to withstand frequent daily use.

My favorite office coffee machines use pre-packaged pods, like K-cups or Nespresso capsules, for ultimate convenience – no measuring and pouring coffee grounds, no mess. Instead of brewing a full pot of coffee and letting unused coffee go to waste, these types of machines also give you single-serve functionality, which is great for offices where everyone likes something a little different.

Added convenience features such as a programmable timer and auto shut-off will save you and your coworkers valuable time.


The Final Shot: The Keurig K575 gets the top spot in this category if you are looking for just a coffee maker for the office. If you are looking for machine with a dual espresso and coffee making capability, the Nespresso Evoluo is the better pick and the only machine on this list able to do both.

If your fellow coffee enthusiasts in the workplace want to enjoy premium espresso and cappuccino beverages, upgrading to an espresso machine is another option for satisfying more sophisticated tastes. Office espresso machines are also great for impressing clients.

Based on my research, I recommend 3 machines that really stand out as the best options for use in an office where convenience, ease of use and minimal maintenance are top priorities.

Of the three, the Keurig K-Elite is my favorite for the wide array of cup options available and the overall quality of the coffee brewed.

Best office coffee makers

  • Nespresso A+GCC1-US-BK-NE VertuoLine Evoluo Deluxe Coffee & Espresso Maker
    Product Name
  • 4.5Rating
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  • Keurig K-Elite Coffe Maker
    Product Name
  • 4.7Rating
  • $$Price
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  • Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Brewer and Full Pot Coffee Maker
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  • 4.5Rating
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#1 Choice – Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

The Keurig K-Elite is the ultimate pod brewer that offers all of the functionality needed for an office setting, without sacrificing taste or valuable time. This is Keurig’s top of the line model and it’s getting rave reviews for brewing single-serve coffee in less than a minute.

The K-Elite includes a digital clock and customizable settings. With strength control settings, you can brew your favorite drink at your desired strength whether it is bold, mild, decaf or flavored coffee.

It also offers five temperature settings to customize beverages to a preferred temp.

Extra hot is not just a thing you request at Starbucks anymore. I love this feature because I am really picky about luke-warm coffee.

This machine is also programmable. You can set the coffee maker to turn on right before the office opens so it is ready to brew as employees arrive and need to start their day with a quick cup. For those who prefer to enjoy tea or hot chocolate, the Keurig also dispenses hot water.

You can brew directly into your own coffee mug or purchase a Carafe to brew up to 12 ounces of coffee at a time.

I also really like the flexibility that this Keurig coffee maker offers – you have the option to use K-Cups, K-Mug, K-Carafe pods or even your own ground coffee using My K-Cup reusable filters.

The large 75 oz water reservoir brews over 10 cups of coffee before it needs refilling, which makes it a really great choice for frequent office use.

The this machine also looks good. If your office is designed to impress, it’s nice to have a coffee machine that holds it’s own in terms of aesthetics. This isn’t a concern for everyone, but it’s definitely a nice bonus.

Tke note, it can brew all Keurig branded K-Cup pods.

Ranking #2 on Amazon in the Single-Serve Brewers category with over 2,000 reviews, the K-Elite is not going to disappoint.


Keurig K-Elite Hot Features:
  • Included in the box: A bonus 6-count k-cup pod variety pack, one water filter handle, and one filter to help ensure your beverages taste their absolute best.
  • Coffee in no time: Brews k-cup pods in under a minute.
    Large 75 ounce water reservoir: Allows you to brew 8 cups before having to refill, saving you time and simplifying your morning routine. Removable reservoir makes refilling easy.
  • Removable drip tray: Accommodates travel mugs upto 7.2 inches tall and holds a full accidental brew for easy cleanup.
  • Brewer maintenance reminder: Alerts you when it is time to descale your coffee maker; Descaling is an important process that removes built up calcium deposits, ensuring the best tasting brew possible
  • Quiet brew technology: Minimizes noise when the coffee maker is in use.
  • Beverages: Brews coffee, tea, hot cocoa, specialty, and iced beverages.

#2 Choice – Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo Deluxe Coffee & Espresso Maker

If you’re ready to upgrade your office to a next level espresso experience, the Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo is the perfect pick for enjoying delicious, authentic espresso beverages AND regular coffee.

Enjoy both pure espresso shots and drinks with finely textured hot or cold milk froth that the Aeroccino Plus milk frother delivers.

If you look through some of the product photos, you’ll notice this machine is surprisingly compact. It is slim and sleek but offers the option of two single serve cup sizes: 1.35 ounce espresso and 8 ounce coffee.

One of the bigger plusses for the Nespresso compared to the other options on this list is the ability to serve drinks requiring steamed and frothed milk. The Aeroccino quickly and effortlessly heats milk to create an Italian style cappuccino or latte without any added noise or vibration to disturb a quiet office setting. This is a big advantage over larger full size machines that make a ton of noise when you go to use a more complicated frothing wand.

The quality of the espresso is also really impressive for such a small package. Nespresso developed a patented flavor extraction technology that quickly blends ground coffee with water to produce mouthwatering crema in under a minute. The intelligent system automatically recognizes the blend and delivers the optimal extraction of coffee at the touch of a single button.

The Nespresso also includes a complimentary welcome set with 12 different aromas. This is a great way for everyone to test the waters and find the popular blends to stock. The Vertuoline offers 10 premier coffee flavors and 4 authentic espressos. The office can also conveniently order Nespresso capsules through Amazon for regular delivery. I love this because it makes it almost impossible to run out.

Lastly, I am a big fan of how easy the capsules are to insert and remove without any mess whatsoever. In an office, no-one wants to be in charge of clean up. The Nespresso makes that a total non-issue.

With 4.5 out of 5 stars and ranking #3 in Amazon’s Espresso Machine & Coffeemaker Combos

category, the Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo deluxe is a really solid choice if your office needs more than just a standard coffee maker.


Nespresso Vertuoline Hot Features:
  • Easy to use
  • Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother
  • One touch brewing
  • VertuoLine capsule system
  • Centrifusion technology for maximum flavor extraction
  • Blend recognition
  • Removable 54 oz. water tank
  • Includes a welcome set with 12 capsules

#3 Choice – Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Brewer and Full Pot Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach 49980A is an affordable single-serve and full-pot coffee maker that has a slightly smaller price tag than the other two options listed which is great for tighter office budgets. I also love that you have the option to brew a full pot, which is great for team meetings.

The HB offers the ability to program your brew time up to 24 hours in advance, which is a great feature if you want to have coffee ready to greet the first person to arrive in the morning.

The easy to use buttons on the control panel make it pretty painless for first time users to get the hang of how to use it. It also features an automatic pause & serve feature for pouring a cup mid-brew if you are in a hurry to get to your desk.

This machine also allows you to add your premium, flavored or decaf coffee grinds to brew your preferred blend. For coffee-lovers who prefer using pre-made pods, this coffee maker has a convenient pod holder that snaps right on top of the single serve brew basket. For an office, pods are an absolute must. Not only do they cut down on coffee waste, they also eliminate a lot of mess.

The 2-way functionality of the HB offers the flexibility of brewing either a single serve cup, 12-cup glass carafe or even a 14-oz travel mug. The brew strength selector caters to a wide array of taste preferences as it offers multiple flavor and strength settings.

Like the Nespresso, this machine also turns off automatically after 2 hours of inactivity. It is easy to clean and requires very little maintenance.

The Hamilton Beach has an insane 4,000+ reviews and a stellar 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon.

For the tiny price tag, it really packs a ton of value for the office.


Hamilton Beach 49980A Hot Features:
  • 2-way brewing: single cup or 12-cup glass carafe or 14 oz travel mugs
  • Programmable timer
  • Single serve side includes coffee pod holder
  • Brew strength selector
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Extra-large water reservoir
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Non-stick warming plate


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Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.

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