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Coffee Flavors: The 4 Crucial Elements

For true coffee lovers, the most important element in any morning brew, whether it’s a filtered black pour over or a bold double shot cappuccino with a light cloud of froth, is always the same: Flavor. But

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What is a Macchiato?

Most coffee drinkers think they know exactly what a macchiato is (pronounced Mah-KEY-AH-toe). Chain coffee purveyors like Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Peet’s all have a macchiato on their menus. Even

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What is an Americano?

If you’ve ever stood in line at a coffee shop, you’ve more than likely heard the barista shout out “Americano for Barbara!” a time or two. If you’ve never had one, it’s a funny name and based

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Coffee Shop Talk | My 4 favorite coffee shops in Northern California

I get asked a lot about my favorite coffee shops and all-time top roasts. While most of the places listed in this post are going to be local, almost all of them ship their beans, so if you want to try

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Why We Can’t Live Without Our Morning Coffee Puns

This is a guest post from: I thought it would be fun to post them. Most of them are extreamly cheesy, but who knows maybe you can fit them in your daily coffee conversations and get a laugh

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What is a Cappuccino?

When you order your favorite coffee beverage with its fun Italian name at your favorite café, could you tell Jimmy Kimmel what you’re really drinking if he asked what is a cappuccino? Would you give

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Arabica vs. Robusta Coffee Beans | 5 Key Differences

When it comes to the casual coffee sipper, the first instinct is to focus on caffeine content, not necessarily the bean varietal. Why obsess over flavor nuance and origin at the expense of caffeination?

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Caffeine Content: Espresso vs. Drip Coffee  

We all have that friend—or maybe we are that friend—who shows up to work in the morning with one eye twitching and a strong cup of coffee in hand. When regular drip isn’t enough, we up our dosage

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Espresso Lover’s Drink Guide | What is an espresso, latte, cappuccino, ristretto?

A massive 83% of American adults drink coffee. The high-octane rush of a well prepared cup of espresso has captivated coffee sippers everywhere. While Europeans have long enjoyed the steamy goodness of

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What to Look for in an Espresso Machine | 7 Factors to Consider

7 Items to Look for when Buying an Espresso Machine When purchasing a new machine will be pretty easy. Just keep in mind the 7 things on what to look for in an espresso machine to get the most from your

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