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Cyber Monday Espresso Lovers Holiday Gift Guide (the naughty list)


‘Tis the season to be caffeinated.

If you’re like me, this is probably your favorite time of year. While I drink coffee all year long, there is nothing like cozying up next to the fire with a piping-hot-expertly-crafted-latte in a holiday mug. Mine has reindeer on it.

This is also the best time to get a new espresso machine if you’ve been looking and drooling. The deals are the best you can find all year and you can easily get $50-$100 off a machine. Retailers are in hot pursuit for your holiday dollars and it is time to take advantage of them. Either for you or a lucky someone on your list.

I have put together a naughty list of my favorite gifts in each buying category. These are all heavily discounted for the holiday season. Ho…ho…ho..Enjoy!

Favorite Espresso Machine (I use it every day, usually more than once)

The Breville Barista Express is my workhorse. Every morning I wake up walk into the kitchen and fire it up. I have been drinking a lot of Americanos lately, so I use the hot water spout to fill up my mug. I grind a double-shot’s worth of grounds into the porta-filter, lock it in and pull a double shot on top.

I then pull out the double shot filter and pop in the single shot filter, grind some beans, lock in the shot again and pull it into a separate mug for my wife. I then turn on the steam wand, froth some whole milk and slowly pour into her mug and serve it hot.

It’s more ritual than routine for me and is my favorite way to start the day (my wife agrees!).

I use the Breville in the afternoons too if I get home early from work. It’s an easy-to-use machine and the pressure gauge really helps with dialing in your shots. This can be tricky for beginners without a lot of experience.

I highly recommend this machine for anyone starting out in home brewing espresso. It has a decent built-in burr grinder so if you do not have one yet, there is no better machine to get.

This machine usually retails at $600 and is what I paid. Treat yourself while it’s on sale.

Best Beginner Machine (and to give as a gift)

The DeLonghi EC155M is at the top of the list to give as a gift.

This little guy is a beast and produces some truly delightful espresso. De’Longhi is also known for producing high-end models and is a giant in the espresso industry.  The EC 155 is a quality machine that just cannot be beat for the price.

If you at all are serious about getting your first machine this is the one to buy. It has over 5,300+ reviews on Amazon, which is pretty CRAZY. Products are usually lucky to have 100 reviews. You know when that many users are crazy about the machine that it is something special.

It is also reasonably priced and perfect for a gift. I recommend it to everyone that has less than $100 t0 spend but appreciates good espresso.

This machine is usually $100.

Favorite Pod Espresso Machine (I use it every afternoon and great for beginners)

A pod machine? That is not real espresso!

For the espresso snobs out there, maybe. While you won’t get the same quality as buying a freshly roasted bag of beans, grinding them yourself into a porta-filter and pulling a shot, Nespresso is good for what it does. They’re experts even at what they do: Provide an easy to clean, no mess, quick and convenient shot of espresso.

With crema. And lots of it.

It tastes pretty good too.

I use my CitiZ every afternoon at the office. I found myself going to Starbucks (I know, shame!) in the middle of the day to get my coffee fix. Now with the Nespresso, I get way better quality coffee at a fraction of the price. This little guy saves me a couple hundred dollars a year.

At work, I especially value the no mess clean up the CitiZ offers. I don’t need a sink nearby to wash my porta-filter and there are no grounds spilling out from the grinder.

This is great for someone who wants espresso without wanting to learn how to become a barista. Or just doesn’t ahve the time.

This machines is usually $250. I got it for a steal at under $200. 

Best Super Automatic (for someone who deserves the best)

The Jura IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine is hard to beat.

You know the saying that the Swiss do and make everything better?

Chocolate, “banking,” watches, trains, skiing…

You can add one more to that list: espresso machines.

This is where Jura Elektroapparate makes it’s grand entrance (cue perfectly choreographed snow flurries, the sound of alpine bells, oh and Roger Federer, smiling and sipping a cappuccino).

Jura has perfected the science of machine-made automated espresso and turned it into an art. And convinced Roger Federer to be their spokesman. Basically, world domination over there.

They even make home espresso machines that cost $5,400. Insane.

The Jura IMPRESSA C65 will whip you up a latte or cappuccino using fresh beans with very little work. If you are looking for the best brand and the the best value on a super-automatic the Impressa C65 is the way to go. It also comes in quite a bit under $5,400.

This machine is usually $1,050.

The coffee world tour (for any true coffee fan)

This is probably one of the coolest gifts you can get a coffee lover. I would be ecstatic if I woke up Christmas morning and found this under the tree….hint…hint…wife.

I have been drinking beans from Bean Box for about 6 months this year and they are all delicious. It is super fun reading the tasting notes and trying new beans from small roasters.

It is the best way to try freshly roasted beans, especially if you don’t have many close by. If you know anyone who has an espresso machine, this is the PERFECT gift.

I will be picking up a few for friends and family.

This is normally $100 and what I paid for it.

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