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Jura ENA Micro 5 Review for 2020

Sometimes, we just want to live the pampered life of a pro athlete, like Roger Federer. Wait, scratch that…we always want to live that life.

As unlikely as it is that most of us will ever be able to hit a tennis ball flying at our faces at 130 mph, we can still be like Roger Federer.

How? We can enjoy his luxurious morning coffee routine in our own kitchens.

Enter: Jura. Jura espresso machines are like Roger Federer: polished, top of their game and good looking.

All Jura machines are fully-automatic and act as your own personal coffee concierge. The Jura Ena Micro 5 is one of their base models and allows you to grind and brew your beans with one simple push of a button.

What is great about the Micro 5, is that it is designed to brew your favorite beans, in one of several concentrations and two sizes, with no fuss.


Best Suited For: The ENA Micro 5 is designed to take up as little space as possible, without sacrificing flavour. The water tank and 4.4oz bean hopper makes it perfect for homes or offices with two to three coffee drinkers and limited space. It is also a great pick for espresso lovers who aren’t interested in milk-based beverages.

It even adapts to your cup size so you can fit a travel mug under the spout and snag a coffee on your way out the door.

The slim profile and sleek modern aesthetic are icing on the coffee cake.

Let’s dive into the top features, an overview of what the machine offers and who it is best suited for (Hint: People who like good coffee. Shocker.)

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  • Convenience: The ENA Micro 5 will grind and brew your coffee with one push of a button. This is even without mentioning how quickly it works.
  • Size: Measuring just 23cm wide and 44.5cm deep it will fit anywhere. The compact design means you can have excellent espresso without taking up a huge amount of space.
  • Energy efficiency: Using less energy than an energy efficient lightbulb, the ENA Micro 5 will add very little to your overall electric bill.
  • Customizable: Before you brew your coffee you can choose its strength, and by moving the spout you can choose what mug size you prefer too.
  • Maintenance: At the touch of a button you can rinse, clean and descale your machine. You can also adjust the water hardness to descale the machine, even if you don’t use the recommended filter.
  • No steamer: The lack of a milk steamer means that the brewing options are a little limited. However, this sacrifice has ensured the ENA Micro 5 stays small and compact and a great choice for espresso purists.

Jura ENA Micro 5 Review

Aroma + Grinder

The ENA Micro 5 has a high-quality built in coffee grinder, which is activated with the push of a button. It features an air-tight cover over the hopper to ensure your stored coffee beans stay fresh in between brews.

Due to the compact size of the machine, the grinder holds 4.4 oz of coffee, which is small, but enough to get you about 5-6 single shots.

Since Jura only makes the best, the grinder is a conical burr style, which is the best option for a fine, consistent bean grind, exactly what you need for optimal espresso brewing.

Dual Spouts

Have you ever battled with your spouse over espresso machine priority? That’s a dangerous game, my friend. With a Jura, you don’t need to battle for beans and spout access. The ENA Micro 5 can brew two cups simultaneously with just a swivel of the spout.

Jura – saving marriages and getting you to work alert and on time.

I know, you’re loving it, but wait, it gets better.

The spouts are height adjustable, which means you don’t need to have one designated espresso cup for your machine. The spouts adjust from 30 to 111mm, so you can even fit a taller travel mug under there.

Water Tank

The compact size of the machine doesn’t mean you have to fill the tank cup by cup. The water reservoir on the Micro 5 can hold up to 1.1 litres of water. That’s more than enough to get your crew through a morning or two.

The water tank also has a built-in filter, so you can be sure your coffee will always taste great and that the machine isn’t going to need a ton of de-scaling.

Brew Options

The ENA Micro 5 has the ability to brew three different specialities: espresso, ristretto and coffee. Keeping it simple allows the Micro 5 to stay small, while providing big taste. Want to adjust the strength? No problem; you can choose this before you brew using the digital display on top of the machine. You can also select how much water you want.

You can adjust the settings to suit the taste of any user, and if you prefer switching in some ground coffee instead of beans, you can use the bypass system for a quick fix. This is great if you’re looking to enjoy a late night decaf after dinner.

Oh, and when your turn the adjustable spout, the machine will automatically detect whether you want one or two cups. So smart.

Energy Efficiency

Juras are also smart when it comes to energy useage.

The ENA Micro 5 comes with a Zero-Energy Switch, which disconnects it from the power source when it’s standing by. This does exactly what it says: uses 0 watts per hour. Even when you’re using it – at 4 watts per hour – it uses less energy than your average energy efficient lightbulb.


Overall, the ENA Micro 5 is loved by users. It’s incredibly intuitive to use, speedy, and makes craft cafe quality coffee every time. The ability to brew two cups simultaneously is a major time saver for those morning rushes, and its size makes it easy to store on even the smallest urban countertops.

Jura really has a lock on producing high quality products with clean, minimalist design.


Jura ENA Micro 5 Hot Features:
  • Aroma+ Grinder: 4.4oz capacity with air tight seal. Your beans are quickly ground while their flavour is preserved.
  • Dual spout: turning the spout enables the machine to automatically detect whether to brew one or two cups.
  • Height adjustable spout: which fits mugs up to 111 mm in height.
  • Brewing options: choose from three styles of coffee and pick the strength for each cup.
  • Energy friendly: when in standby, the Zero-Energy Switch disconnects the ENA Micro 5 from the power source.
  • Thermoblock heating system: makes sure the water is freshly  and quickly heated every time, even from the first cup.
  • Pressure: the 15 bar pump gives your espresso a wonderfully rich and smooth crema.
  • Integrated cleaning: maintaining your espresso machine is as easy as pressing a button to activate the built-in rinsing, cleaning and descaling programme.
  • Powder chute: enabling you to bypass the grinding process and have your coffee prepared instantly, straight from grounds. Useful if you fancy a decaff without emptying the bean hopper.
  • Dimensions: 9 x 12.7 x 17.5 inches

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