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Jura Impressa F8 Review for 2020

What do a tennis ball and a Jura espresso machine have in common? Not much, except that they’ve both been touched by the hands of tennis star Roger Federer.

If you like the way he plays tennis, then you’ll love his choice in coffee makers. And if you don’t care much for Roger or his tennis, you’ll probably still love his choice in espresso machines.

Jura provides a variety of seek, tech-savvy coffee machines for both at home and commercial use. In either case, Jura provides a quality coffee machine with all of the features you need to brew your perfect espresso or delectable cappuccino.


Best Suited For: The Impressa F8 is marketed and sold by Jura as a compact coffee maker. Overall, it provides both an easy and low maintenance brewing experience. It is ideal for home use, especially if you’re regularly on the go or in a hurry, but enjoy the luxury of a more curated brewing experience.

The Impressa F8 is a mid-range model in Jura’s line of compact espresso makers, and like its siblings, it provides a next-level brewing experience.

Whether you’re brewing from a preset option like a smooth macchiato topped with delicate froth, or customizing a drink to suit your personal tastes, the Impressa F8 provides a convenient and simple experience.

There’s plenty to love about Jura’s Impressa F8. Whether it comes from the skilled hands of Roger Federer, or not, an espresso you brew with the Impressa F8 is like a taste of Italy at home.

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  • Display: The F8 is the first in Jura’s line of compact machines to offer a TFT full color display and really helps tip this machine over the edge in terms of delivering a great design and user-experience.
  • Customizability: Eight different preset brewing options is already pretty impressive. But the Impressa F8 takes customizability to the next level by offering an ample selection of choices for customizing brew strength and temperature. The ability to save these selections as favorites and delivers an especially personal brewing experience.
  • Maintenance: The Impressa F8 features built in rinsing, cleaning, and descaling in order to ensure that your machine stays in top notch shape. In addition, the F8’s energy saving features keep it from wasting unnecessary power.
  • Convenience: Everything about the Impressa F8 screams convenience. From its compact design and energy saving features, to preset options and customizability, the Impressa F8 is like a barista who knows just what you want every time without having to ask.
  • Temperature: The Impressa F8’s built in milk frother is great for convenience, but it doesn’t get scalding-hot. For some users, the frother may be sufficient, but for others the milk may seem warm rather than piping hot.

Jura Impressa F8 Review

The Impressa F8 is a stand out addition to Jura’s line of compact espresso making machines. Not only does the machine continue to provide great coffee drinks with all of the standard features you’d expect, but upgrades in the design and technology elevate the Impressa F8 to a new level.

Brilliant Display

The Impressa F8 is the first in Jura’s line of compact coffee makers to feature a TFT full color display. Simply toggle between options with the rotary switch and use the illuminated screen for browsing through the machine’s many offerings.

While an updated screen may seem like a trivial feature to note, including the TFT full color display on the Impressa F8 really does make it easier to navigate the menus and elevates the machine’s overall design to provide a more sophisticated experience.

Aroma Plus Grinder

The built-in Aroma Plus burr grinder on the Impressa can hold up to 10.9-ounces of coffee beans. Not only does having an integrated coffee grinder streamline the brewing process, but the Aroma Plus technology included in the Impressa F8 also grinds your beans in half the time of grinders on previous models.

You can also rest assured that with air tight bean and grounds storage your coffee will maintain its freshness and continue to provide you great tasting coffee even if you don’t use all of your beans right away.

Dual Brewing Spouts

The brewing spouts on the Impressa F8 are one of the final features involved in the brewing process, but that doesn’t make them any less important. The spouts are both adjustable from 2.6 to 4.4 inches to accommodate a variety of different mugs and shot cups.

The center spout on the Impressa F8 is for dispensing your coffee while the froth or cream comes from the spout just to its left. The machine includes a function for just dispensing plain hot water, and it also includes separate controls for dispensing frothed milk.

Whether you’re brewing a classic cappuccino, or using the hot water to make a cup of tea or cocoa, the Impressa F8 will top your drink with high quality foam for added flavor with zero interference on your part.

Brewing Options

The Impressa F8 is aptly named as it comes with eight preset options for brewing specialty drinks. Whether you are in the mood for a traditional espresso topped with a rich crema, or a more luxurious macchiato topped with delectable foam, the Impressa F8 can accommodate your preferences.

In addition to its impressive array of standard choices, the Impressa F8 also includes customizable water temperature, froth temperature, and brew strength for creating unique blends.

You can even save up to four uniquely crafted drinks for later use so that you can enjoy your personal favorite without adjusting the settings every time you brew.


The Impressa F8 is an all-around qualitative coffee maker. Users love that it consistently delivers specialty coffee drinks with the richness you’d expect. Its ease of use and simple maintenance are some of the Impressa F8’s most popular features. Combined with its built-in grinder and milk frother, the Impressa F8 is the whole package in one compact machine.


Jura Impressa F8 Hot Features:
  •  63.6-ounce water tank capacity: water tank is accessed through the side panel for easy refilling.
  • 17.5 x 14 x 11.2 inches and 22 pounds.
  • Full Color TFT Display: on a 2.8-inch screen for brilliant and easy to use controls.
  • Eight drink choices: including espresso, macchiato, and more, as well as the choice for saving up to four customized drinks.
  • Aroma Plus Grinder: that holds 10.9-ounces of beans and provides an extra quick grinding experience that is also sure to persevere your beans’ flavor.
  • Adjustable spout: for accommodating a variety of mug shapes and sizes up to 4.4”.
  • Compact design: neat, square design fits nicely on your kitchen counter to maximize space.
  • 15-bar pump: and thermoblock heating system for delivering your brew at the perfect temperature every time.
  • Brew customization: choose from four different coffee strengths and three different water temperatures for a drink that will suit your tastes.
  • Energy friendly: with a programmable switch off time, Energy Save Mode, and zero energy power switch the Impressa F8 will use only as much power as it needs.
  • Easy maintenance: built-in rinsing, cleaning, and descaling for both the coffee and the milk to ensure long-term quality.

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