Jura Impressa Z9 vs. Jura Impressa J9, What’s Best for you? – Espresso Perfecto

Jura Impressa Z9 vs. Jura Impressa J9, What’s Best for you?

Jura Impressa Z9 vs. Jura Impressa J9

For many coffee lovers, the simplicity of a traditional pot is enough to carry them through their daily routine.

If you’re more in tune with your coffee addiction, or if you have discriminating taste buds that are difficult to impress, then you’ve likely considered upgrading your routine to include more variety and flavor.

Espresso machines like the Impressa Z9 and Impress J9 offer versatility and variety for accommodating your brewing needs backed by exceptional engineering.

These machines are fully automatic, all-inclusive brewing masters that can deliver anything from a regular ristretto to a finely crafted latte with the touch of just a few buttons.


The Final Shot: Both models are high-end dream machines, but the grinder upgrade and extra brew customization options on the Z9  edge out the J9 for the top spot. If you’re a little more budget conscious, then the J9 will be the more economical pick.

While both machines offer enough bells and whistles to keep you interested for months, when upgrading to an all-in-one coffee machine like one of these options it’s important to make sure you know what you want before you make a purchase.

Whether you’re setting up a state of the art home café, or investing in a new machine for your corner coffee shop, we’ve broken down some of the similarities and differences between the Impressa Z9 and the Impressa J9 to help you make an informed choice.

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Jura Impressa J9 vs. Jura Impressa Z9 Head to Head

NameJura Impress J9Jura Impressa Z9

Size (L x W x H)
11 x 16.5 x 13.25 in13 x 17 x 15 in

24 lbs35 lbs



Water Tank
93.7 oz70.3 oz


If you’re shopping for an impressive coffee maker that can fulfill all of your coffee dreams, then either the Impressa Z9 or the Impressa J9 will be a next level experience for you.

Both machines are fully automatic espresso makers that will handle the entire brewing process, from grinding your beans to emptying the remains into a disposal tray, minimal user intervention required.

In order to offer a variety of choices as colorful as your coffee dreams, both machines include thermal containers for holding your milk and thermoblock technology to heat your coffee or milk to the perfect temperature.

Each machine uses a 15-bar pump to generate adequate pressure for brewing.

They’re also both incredibly user friendly with brilliant, front-facing screen panels that feature a TFT color display that makes navigating your drink choice simple.

And at the end of the day, when you’ve finished brewing your drink, both machines include self-cleaning prompts to remove any unwanted residue that would contaminate your next drink.


Shared Features:
  • Built-in Coffee Grinder
  • 15-bar pump
  • Automatic espresso makers
  • Thermoblock heating system
  • TFT color display


With high quality machines like the Impressa Z9 and the Impressa J9, you’re going to enjoy a ton of awesome features regardless of which model you choose.

Both machines will deliver high quality coffee in a variety of flavors and styles with the touch of a button.

Your personal priorities will really determine which machine is the best fit for your morning routine as each presents a unique experience.


Both the Impressa Z9 and the Impressa J9 include built-in coffee grinders that are already incorporated into a brew cycle.

The Impressa Z9 uses Jura’s Aroma+ technology with a conical burr style, which generates a very quiet and simultaneously quick grind, about twice as fast as conventional grinders.

The Impressa J9 uses a conical burr grinder. The chamber is insulated, which minimizes noise, but it doesn’t include the Aroma+ upgrade.

Both machines feature by-pass dosers so that you can use pre-ground coffee if you choose.

The biggest difference here is that the Z9’s Aroma+ grinder will be more gentle with your beans and quieter at the same time. The aroma technology really does keep the shot as true to the original bean flavor as possible.


The design of the two machines overall looks fairly similar. Both are square with front facing display panels and brewing trays. They both also offer adjustable spouts that move up and down to accommodate a variety of glasses and brew sizes.

The Impressa Z9 is black with silver accents on the spouts and panels. The Impressa J9 is silver all over and features a generally more compact design.

At 24 pounds compared the to Z9’s 35, the Impressa J9 is easier to move and will take up less counter space. As we mentioned earlier, both machines include thermal containers that will keep milk cold (not for hours, but while you’re using the machine) and hook directly into the machine for easy frothing.

The biggest difference when it comes to hardware is obviously the size of these two machines. The Z9 is slightly bigger and slightly heavier. Given that all-in-one coffee machines aren’t the kind of thing you move around that often, the weight shouldn’t be much cause for concern. But if space is a scarce resource on your counter, you might consider the J9’s more conservative dimensions.


When it comes to choosing an espresso machine, what’s the most important feature? The brewing of the coffee of course. With top-notch machines like the Z9 and the J9, you’ll have plenty of options for customizing your brew in either case.

The Impressa Z9 includes brewing options from 5 grams to 16 grams so you can choose exactly how strong you want your coffee to taste. The dual thermoblock technology and 15-bar pump pressure also ensure that your coffee and milk will be heated and brewed at the precise temperature and concentration you want.

The temperature for the steamed milk is pre-set on the Impressa Z9. While this may be convenient, if you prefer your milk hotter or cooler than the preset 130-140 Fahrenheit, you’ll either have to get used to it or look elsewhere.

Like the Z9, the Impressa J9 includes a variable brewing range from 5 to 16 grams. The J9 also allows you to customize the amount of water in your drink choice from 5 oz. up to 8 oz. The J9 and the Z9 both come with multiple pre-loaded drink options like espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and ristretto that can be customized to suit your taste based on the amount of water you use and brew range that you select.

Overall the Impressa Z9 and J9 offer really similar brewing experiences. The dual thermoblock technology on the Z9 will heat and steam your coffee and milk more precisely, although neither machine offers an option for manual heating.

Both machines come with pre-set drink options that can be customized to an extent, but the premium features and design of the Z9 offer a more exact execution.

Settings and Displays

The Impressa Z9 and J9 both sport the same TFT full color display controlled by a rotator wheel on top of the machine for browsing through a list of your favorite drinks and making your daily selection.

The Z9’s front panel is programmable so that you can preset your favorite drinks and access them with a single button touch. You also still have the option to scroll through the menu and customize your drink further if needed.

The J9 includes an auto on/off feature as well as an energy saving mode. When in energy saving mode, the J9 will basically go into standby so as to drastically reduce the amount of power that it needs.

This doesn’t mean that you sacrifice speed. When you need the J9 to jump back into action, just activate it and in about 20 seconds it will heat up and be ready to use again.


When shopping for a top of the line coffee machine it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the different features available.

Both the Impressa Z9 and J9 boast that they can make any coffee drink you could ever desire with just a few easy steps – and they aren’t lying. From easy-to-use preset options to minor customizations, both machines can tailor a coffee drink to your mood and tastes.

Both machines are also fully automatic, so they handle the entire process from grind to clean-up on their own.

When it comes to springing for a high-end coffee machine, quality is important, which is why the Impressa Z9 is our top pick out of the two. Weighing in with an average 3.7 out of 5.0-stars on Amazon, the Z9 offers the flexibility you want while maintaining its quality and durability over a long period of time and after being used over and over again.

While the J9 boasts an impressive 3.5 out of 5.0-stars, as well as many of the same features you find on the Z9, when it comes to purchasing a multi-functional coffee machine, we think that it’s better to spend the extra cash for the upgrades that improve the quality of the espresso.


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Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.

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