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Keurig K40 vs Keurig K45, What’s Best for you?

Keurig K40 vs Keurig K45

The Keurig is designed for convenience.

Convenience is the key feature that has made these pod brewers so popular. There is minimal clean up, no wasted coffee, and you can have a cup ready in under a minute.

Add in multiple brewing options, and you have a product everyone can enjoy. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, decaffeinated options – the Keurig really suits a range of tastes.


The Final Shot: So which machine is the best pick? In a surprise twist, I recommend going with the K55, which has already replaced the K45 and will soon take the place of the almost phased out K40. The upgrades are the double water filter and extra K-Cups included with purchase.

Since the company has had the basics perfected for quite some time, all there was left to do was add and improve features. We already know that a Keurig can work for everyone, but with advanced models, you could have one that works more specifically for your needs.

This comparison will match the K40 against the K45 so you can fully understand everything that is offered, and decide which one is a better for you.

Keurig K45 vs Keurig K40 Head to Head

NameKeurig K45Keurig K40

Size (L x W x H)
13.3 x 9.8 x 13 in14.9 x 12.2 x 14.2 in

12.4 lbs13.1 lbs


Drink Sizes
6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz

Water Tank
48 oz48 oz


The most obvious similarities between the K40 and K45 is their basic mechanism and versatility. The K45 is essentially the newer, upgraded model of the K40.

Both brew beverages in the same way, and can be used for multiple sizes and types of drinks.

Both models disassemble in a similar way and required periodic cleaning to remove scale buildup. The reservoirs of each machine are similar in shape, hold the same amount of water (48 ounces), and detach for easy maintenance.

Both models have the signature top-loading design for ease of use and a detachable bin for collecting the used cups. Reusable cups can also be used in both machines, for those who prefer to use their own ground coffee or want to cut down on waste.

The size of both models are good for space saving, sitting at about 13 inches tall. Both the K40 and K45 can easily fit under most wall cabinets with minimal clutter. If you prefer to keep the Keurig within easy reach on the countertop, the designs of both the machines are simple and can fit in with other appliances.

The style and overall design are so similar that you can’t tell them apart from their appearance alone.


Shared Features:
  • Multiple size drink options: 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz beverages.
  • Easy to clean-both with detachable reservoirs.
  • Both models can brew coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and your own choice of beverage with the reusable K-Cup.
  • Auto On/Off mechanism great for busy users
  • Brew strength selector for drink personalization


The differences between the K40 and the K45 brewers are pretty small, it really just comes down to a few small improvements. The updated version of the K45 (renamed K55) probably has the most differences, and even then, they are pretty minor.

Both models, including the updated K55, use the same brewing technology and there is no difference in the controls. They all operate in the same way, so if you were to switch to an upgraded model you wouldn’t have any trouble operating it.


The K40 and original K45 are so close in size, you’re not going to notice any difference between the two when they’re sitting side by side. The upgraded K55 model is a bit smaller.

The K55 model sits over an inch lower than either the K40 or the original K45. This doesn’t sound like much, but for those who have low kitchen cabinets or who prefer to store the brewer when not in use, it might matter.

waterWater Filter

This might be the most significant difference between the Keurigs. The classic K40 does not come with a water filter, while the K45 and the K55 upgrade both do.

If your water is already filtered, then obviously this isn’t a big deal. On the other hand, for those who live in areas with hard water, having a filter could be a big bonus.  

Even those who don’t have hard water might benefit from the filter, since users report that the beverages do taste better with the filtered water. It will help with maintenance of the machine by eliminating some of the scale buildup, but it will still require periodic cleaning either way.

Another small difference worth noting is that the upgraded K55 comes with two water filters. A small upgrade, but it may be helpful for those who need their water filtered.

capsuleBonus K-Cups

The K40, K45 and the upgrade all come with a variety pack of K-Cups to try, which is great if you’ve never used a Keurig or are buying one as a gift. Again, this isn’t a huge difference, but it can be a nice perk if the brewer is intended as a gift.

The K40 comes with a 6 count K-Cup variety, while the K45 comes with 12 and the K55 upgrade comes with just 4 K-Cups. There is a price difference between the models to consider, though.    

It might seem like the K45 would be the best deal, but it retails for at least $15.00 more than the other models so you end up paying for the K-Cups anyhow. The upgraded K55 comes with the least amount of K-Cups, but it does have an extra water filter and it’s the least expensive of these brewers.

The K40 lands right in the middle as far as price point and K-Cups are concerned, but there are no water filters with this model.


As you can see, the differences between these Keurig brewers don’t seem that significant on the surface. The same technology and settings are available on these models, the difference between them is that Keurig introduced new models with better filtration and more included K-Cups.

If you’re looking for an economical option and don’t have a need for a water filter, the classic K40 is a great option. This is the basic model, but you get the convenience and brewing options of the more expensive Keurigs.

With all of the bonus K-Cups and a water filter, the K45 would make a great gift. You just need to get one while they’re still available! The upgrade will soon completely replace the K45, so you won’t be able to get all of those bonus K-Cups for long.

The upgraded K55 is ideal for someone who doesn’t already have water filtration and is looking for the most economical option. It might fit under cabinets better, since it is over an inch shorter.

If convenience is a priority you really can’t go wrong with any Keurig. There’s no mess, minimal maintenance, and you just can’t beat the speed at which you can have a hot cup of coffee ready to go.


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Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.

4-Week Free Espresso E-mail Course!

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