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Why We Can’t Live Without Our Morning Coffee Puns

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I thought it would be fun to post them. Most of them are extreamly cheesy, but who knows maybe you can fit them in your daily coffee conversations and get a laugh or two.

Just like the charge we get from our first cup of coffee in the morning, coffee puns help us to to relate to one another in a way that tea drinkers will never understand.

If you are looking for a way to perk up your friends or coworkers, we have the solution for you. The following coffee puns are smart, funny, silly, and will usually work best when you brew them up one coffee pun at a time.

Coffee Puns

  • Bob could not function well on the job first thing in the morning because he always had a latte on his mind.
  • I just can not tolerate a criminal who mugs a person’s coffee.
  • My boss is resigned to the fact that drinking 10 cups of coffee each day is just part of my daily grind. 
  • That twenty-five cup programmable coffee machine we just got at work certainly has a lot of perks.
  • When the man accidentally spilled his coffee on the woman, she simply responded by showing him her dis-stain.
  • The fact he always mad terrible coffee in the morning was certainly grounds for their divorce.
  • The lady returned back to work boiling mad because her coffee was served too cold. 
  • It is a good idea Bill stopped drinking coffee because he was chewing other people’s fingernail’s.
  • Stacy had to limit her coffee intake because she was walking 10 miles on her treadmill while it was turned off.
  • Italians can make the best coffee because they’re able to fully espresso themselves.
  • The young man went to see a doctor because he felt depresso when he went a day without any coffee.
  • Sally has such a strong cup of coffee each morning that it wakes all her neighbors too.
  • My first clue that Tami was addicted to coffee was when she named all her kids Joe.
  • That hipster was always burning her tongue on her coffee because she sipped it long before it was cool.
  • It was perfectly understandable Frank was a little hot under the collar when his boss spilled coffee on his neck.
  • Going back to the same coffee shop each morning certainly gives me that Deja-Brew feeling.
  • That coffee shop is always so crowded each morning that I was hoping they would open an expresso lane.
  • Alex raced to work excited each morning at the coffee factory because he loved the daily grind.
  • Tom was offered nothing for his coffee colored car because buyers said that is was not worth a hill of beans.
  • The next person who complains about their coffee being cold is gonna start a real brewhaha.
  • I love they named the new iced coffee shop in the mall “Cool Beans”.
  • Greg would never feed coffee to his snake because he said it made his pet viper-active.
  • The coffee shop employed was fired from his job because he kept showing up for work in a Tea-shirt.
  • Coffee beans and little kids have one thing in common, they are always getting grounded.
  • Computer repair guys refer to their morning coffee as their Java.
  • Ashley should have been studying for her exam without coffee, but she was procaffeinating.
  • The new hire at the coffee shop did not even want a salary, she said she came for the perks. 
  • Now id the time to invest in that new coffee shop while you can still get in on the ground floor. 
  • Each time little Bobby left the coffee shop with a hot brew he would simply say “Thanks a Latte”.
  • Working at the coffee house is always a brew-tiful day.
  • The heavy coffee drinker admitted himself into therapy because he knew he had a latte problems. 
  • The two coffee lovers were meant to bean together.
  • The robber was intent on holding up the coffee shop by whatever beans possible.
  • We like to debate about coffee in our political history class because the confrontations are always heated and strong.
  • He was afraid that by asking out the barista he would get in a latte trouble.

By now, these coffee puns should have lightened up your mood. These work best served hot if you want to cream the room. If they didn’t perk you up yet, go back and ready them again so you get the full effect. You can also check some other funny, good and bad puns.

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