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Nespresso CitiZ Giveaway

Hey everyone!

To kick off 2017 right, I’m giving away a Nespresso CitiZ w/ the aerocchino frother.

I just got this exact machine over Christmas for my office. For a single-serve pod machine, it is pretty amazing (and I am now the coolest guy here, not sure how I feel about that yet, the pods are going fast).

While I’ll always prefer freshly ground beans and pulling the shot myself on my Breville in the morning, Nespresso kills in the convenience department. It gives me my afternoon espresso fix, without the mess or the time commitment.

Before the Nespresso, I even found myself traveling to Starbucks (I know, shame) to grab an afternoon coffee. That’s not only expensive, but the quality is much lower compared to the Nespresso.

It is also a really amazing machine for beginners that are still a little intimidated with having to learn home barista skills to use the semi-auto machines.

So since I am loving it so much, I am giving one away. Check out the link below to enter:

If you would like to learn more about the CitiZ see the in-depth review: Here

Stay caffeinated,


**This isn’t a sponsored post or giveaway, I don’t have any affiliation with Nespresso, I’m just digging the CitiZ.**

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