Nespresso Inissia vs. Nespresso CitiZ, What’s Best for you? – Espresso Perfecto

Nespresso Inissia vs. Nespresso CitiZ, What’s Best for you?

Nespresso Inissia vs. Nespresso CitiZ

The Nespresso Inissia and CitiZ are two of Nespresso’s most popular lower end models from their Original Line of machines.

Both are fully automatic, simple to use little powerhouses that deliver great espresso with lots of crema, at the push of a single button.

I think these two machines are best suited for small spaces, as well as office settings where minimal clean up, quick brewing and variety are top priority.


The Final Shot: The CitiZ is the top pick in this match-up for its integrated milk frother and larger water tank. It is a solid fit for slightly more dedicated espresso drinkers. If you’re totally new to the game and have a smaller budget, testing the waters with the Inissia also makes sense. Keep in mind, you can add the frother on later if needed!

I actually purchased the CitiZ a couple months ago for my office to cut down on my afternoon coffee runs. It saves me so much money (I was spending $4-5 on a latte or cappuccino every day) and time. I’m a serious fan. And so are my coworkers.

Both machines have a lot of similarities and function pretty much the same way, so understanding the feature upgrades you’ll get along with that higher price tag of the CitiZ can be tricky.

This article will break it down for you, so you can pick the best Nespresso machine for your coffee needs.

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Nespresso CitiZ vs. Nespresso Inissia Head to Head

NameNespresso CitiZNespresso Inissia

Color Options
chrome, red, black, white red, black, white, cream, silver and chrome

Size (L x W x H)
14.6 x 5.1 x 10.9 in12.6 x 4.7 x 9 in

10.6 pounds5.3 pounds

Pump Pressure
19 bar19 bar

Milk Frother

Water Tank Size
34 oz24 oz


Both the Inissia and the CitiZ are designed to function the same way, using the Nespresso capsule system, comprised of a wide selection of “grand crus” that include a range of flavors and strengths for single serving espresso shots.

The Nespresso capsules are specifically manufactured, sized and hermetically sealed with both pod and lid made in recyclable aluminum lined in food grade lacquer. These capsules are easily inserted and just as easily ejected from both machines.

It’s sort of a drop and pop system and could not be easier.

The capsules are also 100% recyclable, so you don’t have to feel guilty about your carbon footprint every time you use one. This was a big factor for me when I was deciding on an automatic capsule system.

Each Nespresso capsule contains about 5-6 grams of fine fresh coffee grinds to make one coffee serving. There are more than 20 different capsules filled with Arabica and Robusta beans or some combination of the two. Arabica beans have milder smoother flavors but Robusta has more zing with extra caffeine.

Each year, Nespresso also releases two limited edition grand crus with some fun flavor variations to offer something new and different.

Each capsule can produce either an espresso shot of 40ml or a lungo (long) 110ml cup by using the one touch programming that is the same on both machines. You literally push a button to select your preference and the machine brews.

If you want to fill up a taller travel mug the drip filter on both models folds up to allow the mug to fit easily under the pourer.

The crema is also really nice across the board with Nespresso system and was one of the things I was impressed by right away.

Both the Inissia and CitiZ are fitted with a powerful patented extraction system which exerts a maximum 19 bar pressure, higher than that required for traditional espresso machines. This ensures consistent pressure through the whole of the capsule, extracting every shot like a skillful barista to produce great crema and fresh flavors.

With fast 25 second heat-up elements, there is time wasted waiting for the machines to be ready to brew. You also don’t have to remember to power them off. Both machines have a nice auto shut-off feature that kicks in after 9 minutes.

Both the Inissia and the CitiZ have used capsule containers that will hold about 11 used grand crus, depending a little on how they shake out in there. I usually empty mine about once a week, depending on how much I’m drinking.


Shared Features:
  • Use Original Line Nespresso capsules
  • One-touch operation
  • 19 Bar pressure
  • Fast 25 second heat up
  • Foldable drip tray
  • Automatic power off


The Inissia and CitiZ are both from the lower end of the Nespresso range of machines, so they share a lot of similarities when it comes to overall functionality and customization.

Where they differ is in regard to some of the bonus features that the CitiZ offers, as well as the overall size and design.

colorDesign Differences

I would describe the Inissia as a fun, funky little machine. It comes in an array of colors, including, black, red, silver, white, and titan so that you can choose one to blend in to your décor or stand out on the counter.

The Inissia operates with an ergonomically designed handle to initiate operation.

The CitiZ has slightly more subdued appearance with more neutral colors designed to accent any kitchen without dominating with color. It is described in the marketing information as “retro modern” combining modern functionality incorporated into a sleek, cool looking retro design.

The CitiZ has a large lever operation to initiate the espresso pour.

Both machines are good looking, with the Inissia having a more fun, square style and the CitiZ being a little more sleek and urban-inspired cool.

Water Reservoir

The size of the water tank is always a feature I look to first when comparing machines

This is a big convenience factor and I like to see a little extra room to minimize the amount of refills I’m doing every week.

The water reservoir for the Inissia is 24 oz, so will provide enough water for up to nine espresso coffees.  This means you’re refilling about as often as you’re emptying the capsule catch.

The water reservoir for the CitiZ is 34 oz, so it provides for about twelve to thirteen espressos before needing a top up.

Neither of these water reservoirs is especially large, so having the machines close to a water source is really helpful. I have the CitiZ and I have found the 34 ounce tank to be pretty manageable, especially if I’m just pushing the espresso button.

As a small benefit, a smaller reservoir also means you are changing the water frequently so you’re less likely to get calcium build-up from hard water resting in the tank. In such cases, you’ll only need to descale your machine about twice a year.


The Inissia is the smallest Nespresso model currently available at a very petit 4.7’’ x 9’’ x 12.6’’. It also weighs just 5.29lbs, so is easily moved if it isn’t a permanent countertop fixture. It’s size makes it ideal for a dorm room, small apartment or home office.

The CitiZ is not significantly larger, measuring a slim 5.1’’ x 10.9’’ x 14.6’’. The CitiZ weighs a slightly heftier 7.3 lbs, which isn’t a significant difference, though it is worth noting if you have space concerns. I love the CitiZ for the office or home.

Milk Frothing

The biggest difference between the Inissia and the CitiZ is the milk frother. This is the make or break factor for most users.

The CitiZ comes with an integrated Aeroccino frother. I really like that it is part of the overall unit and isn’t just a stand alone piece. It is also insanely convenient to use – just a quick fill up with milk and a button push and you have a frothy little latte.

The Aeroccino is great for making lattes, cappuccinos or milk for iced coffee.

The Inissia doesn’t come with the Aeroccino, but you can purchase one separately if you find that this is a feature you want to add on or try these tips on how to froth milk without a frother. If you aren’t a die hard milk-based espresso drink fan to start with, you may want to wait and test the waters with straight espresso and lungo shots first.


Both the Inissia and CitiZ are great quick fixes for espresso that anyone can use and enjoy, no previous experience or barista skills needed.

The beauty of the system is that it is so easy and the end result is high quality and really tasty.

When comparison shopping between these two models, keep in mind, the Inissia is Nespresso’s base model. It is the least expensive and is designed to give you the basics. It’s a great machine for someone just getting used to espresso.

The CitiZ is a couple rungs higher on the Nespresso ladder and offers a few more bells and whistles – for a higher price. The integrated milk frother is the key bonus and other convenience features, like the larger water tank also set it apart.

Generally, the CitiZ is a better pick for someone who knows a little more about their espresso preferences and is willing to make a bigger investment.


Questions? Leave a comment below!

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Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.

4-Week Free Espresso E-mail Course!

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